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An RV is a major investment, and no one should be stuck with a defective unit … but it happens. If an RV or motorhome has a defect, the manufacturer and/or dealer should be given a reasonable number of attempts to repair the defect. If the RV dealer does not honor their obligation to repair a defective unit, there are steps to take to protect your investment.

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There an amazing number of moving pieces and parts in an RV. It’s important to know all the ins and outs of an RV, but without the proper training and certifications, you are at a huge disadvantage. Dennis Bailey RV Inspections offers a thorough review of your dream home on wheels BEFORE you make that major purchase.

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RVs need regular maintenance, and when something breaks, it needs attention from a seasoned pro. It’s not always the best choice to let the dealer work on your home, and if you are a full-timer, you can’t just leave your home in the shop for weeks on end. Dennis Bailey Mobile RV Repair will be there!

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