RV Investigations

An RV is a major investment, and no one should be stuck with a defective unit … but it happens. If an RV or motorhome has a defect, the manufacturer and/or dealer should be given a reasonable number of attempts to repair the defect.

The reality is RVs sometimes sit for months waiting to be fixed. RV owners have experienced their RV returned to them after months, with the issue(s) still not fixed. The dealer says one thing, then says another. The frustration can be overwhelming.

If the RV dealer does not honor their obligation to repair a defective unit, there are steps to take to protect your investment.

If you are forced to take legal action because an RV dealer has not held up their end of the bargain, Dennis Bailey RV Investigations will work with your attorney to pull together all the data needed to present your case. This includes:

·      Investigating all alleged defects of an RV, motorhome, fifth-wheel or travel-trailer.

·      Ensuring all investigations, assessments, procedures, and findings are completed in an ethical manner according to the law.

·      Composing data directly from investigations and reporting all findings directly to responsible parties in a cooperative manner.

If you are an attorney with clients looking for relief from a defective RV situation, you can count on Dennis Bailey to bring the expertise and professionalism necessary for a successful outcome.